Lenny Kravitz x CB2

Lenny Kravitz x CB2


Some might refer to him as a master of rock and roll, while others might think of him as a sort of sex icon. But regardless of how you might feel about him (or his music), there is something so undeniably cool about Lenny Kravitz. So when CB2 announced their collaboration with him, I knew it was going to be all kinds of great. I secretly hoped that the collection would reflect his “I don’t give a damn” vibe, and to my delight- it totally does.

Taking inspiration from his homes in Brazil, Paris, and the Bahamas, the Kravitz Design by Lenny Kravitz collection of furnishing “channels a mix of 1970s New York studio club and the natural cool of California.” Here are some of my favorite pieces from the collection that make me want to get away… want to fly away. 😉 And the best part is, most of the pieces are reasonably priced (no, I don’t mean Target prices, but I also don’t mean designer prices, either).


Clockwise from top left: 1. Topanga Corner Bar // 2. Vibrations Shag Rug // 3. Ya Ya Coffee Table // 4. Rake Brass Chair // 5. Pata Pillow // 6. Dream Pillow // 7. Lola Table Lamp