Red Lace Romper

Red Lace Romper

Hi, friends. Happy Friday to everyone! Does anyone have anything fun planned for the weekend? Our little family is going to attend a watermelon festival (say what, now?!). Yes, you read that right- a watermelon festival. Don’t ask me what that is, however, because I’ve never attended one. I’ll let you know how it goes (wink wink). But you bet I’ll be eating my share of yummy watermelon (hopefully of the seedless variety)!

Anywho, I’m kicking off this weekend wearing some bright primary colors. My red lace romper and shoes are from the Zara sale (duh), but they are sold out, so I’ve linked to similar items below. My clutch is from Target a couple of years ago, but I found some clutches that are in that same cobalt blue color family, so you can get the look!