What I’m Into (Right Now): White Appliances

What I’m Into (Right Now): White Appliances

Hi guys. I wanted to call you all “team” for second there. But then I remembered, no- its just me all by myself here.

Can I still call you team, anyway? Ok, team. Something I’m into right now (I say right now because my preferences change often) is white appliances.

Now before you go all “eww” on me, let me explain. When I pick fixtures and appliances, these are the questions I ask myself: 1) Does it function in the way I need it to? 2) How can I make this object disappear as much as possible?


Because unless that appliance or fixture is going to serve as the focal point in a space (example: a brass range hood like in the kitchen above), there are probably enough things competing for your eye as it is. I know in my spaces, this is usually the case. Especially because I love color, print and texture. And if you like all of those things, adding a crazy switchplate or a contemporary ceiling fan to the mix probably isn’t going to do your space any favors.

To help illustrate my point:


This kitchen is beautiful. Truly. But the stainless steel appliances on the right are competing for my attention. This is a case in which the fridge door, and possibly the warming drawers, would benefit from a custom-cabinet front painted in the same white color as the cabinets. In reading this, please don’t hear me say that everything has to match. Being matchy for the sake of matching doesn’t always work, and is often boring.

So let me give you a real example: we need a fridge. The stove, microwave, dishwasher and trash compactor (yes, I said trash compactor) that came with the house are stainless steel and black. Our cabinets are most likely going to be white on top, black on bottom. Maybe a few oxblood accents. Also, did I mention the cabinet hardware is going to be brass? Already sounds like a lot, right? So, to keep visual busyness at a minimum, I would need to look for white or black appliances. And I’m leaning toward white, since it will help give the illusion of space.

And guys, let me tell you- they make white appliances look good these days. Here are some options:


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

Still doubtful? Here they are, in real kitchens.




Yeah, thanks for pointing that out- I know that range is blue. But look at that beautiful rangehood and white fridge!




I love how the white appliances here are truly a part of the kitchen design. They play nicely off the white penny rounds and white countertops.