My Past Bedrooms

My Past Bedrooms

Something I wish I had done a better job of in the past is documenting the interior of my past apartments and rentals. Why? Because I think it is interesting to go back and see how much my interior style has both changed and yet remained the same over time. In addition, looking at images of my past apartments brings back a flood of memories from my life before Adam, as an early 20-something single, working girl. And then, to see how my style morphed into “our” style since we’ve been married and has continued to evolve since!

So, yesterday I was combing through old pictures on my phone and found pictures of my past bedrooms. Here is the bedroom in my first apartment back in 2008. I had just graduated college and moved to Dallas with no more than a suitcase of clothes. So all of the furniture you see here I carefully collected within the first four months of moving:


And here again, in 2009 in the same apartment with only a few minor tweaks, (please excuse the terrible iPhone 3 photo):


Then, in 2010, I moved into a 1933 Tudor-style home with two other girls. My bedroom was pretty much the only room in the house that I could call my own. I’m pretty sure this picture was taken around Christmas time, hence the tinsel bunting hanging above my bed.



Then, in 2011, I moved into this studio apartment. Same bedding, but a new pillow and artwork.



And then… in 2012, I got married. Anyone else sense the presence of testosterone in these next photos? We ditched my old comforter and pillows, opting for a gender-neutral duvet from West Elm.



Then, from 2013-2015, I didn’t take a single damn bedroom photo and I’m kicking myself for it now!

Now, in our new home, I am truly starting with a blank slate in our master bedroom. As it is with the rest of our home, it will most definitely be a work in progress, but I can’t wait to share the completed bedroom with you guys in a few weeks! Stay tuned for that post coming soon…