Room Lust: Air BNB NYC

One of my favorite things about Air BNB* is the opportunity to browse thousands of incredible interiors. It’s a great place to look for design inspiration, regardless of whether you are looking for a place to stay or not. And the thing is, if you fall in love with the space, you can actually stay there. 

*If you have no clue what I’m talking about, check it out. It’s like Houzz meets

This week, a few bedroom-rentals in the city that never sleeps caught my eye:



1. The Chelsea Apt. – There is so much goodness here: the tone-on-tone wall color (pale blue on one wall, slate blue on the other), the choice black trim, mounted antler sheds above the bed, vertical gallery wall, that stately leather arm chair… It’s all very masculine, and yet feminine at the same time.



2. This lower Manhattan Apt.- So understated. I love the Japanese minimalism at play here. Since color is a non-issue, you can really focus on the great textures (like the twill fabric on the couch, the sticks in the vase, the exposed brick wall) and the graphic touches (the buffalo checked pillow and that plaid fleece throw) used throughout the space. And the blonde wood seen throughout the apartment isn’t bad, either.



3. Another blue apartment, but an entirely different shade than the first. How brilliant is this blue chesterfield couch!??! Painting the walls the same shade of blue was pure genius. So which do you think came first- the chicken or the egg, err, couch? Also, I’m lusting over the trim and ceiling color. It is so vibrantly white.

So what do you guys think- any favorites? I’m thinking I may match my wall color to my next couch.