Tips For A Functional Workspace

Tips For A Functional Workspace

Whether at home or at work, how many of you have an office or workspace? For me, the answer to that question is yes. So it’s no surprise that this home office makeover from Amber Interior** caught my eye. While most of the work posted on her blog are of spaces she designs for clients, Amber designed did this office makeover for herself. And in my opinion, she accomplished what few are able to do when it comes to their workspaces: she made the space both beautiful and functional.

**If you’re unfamiliar with Amber Lewis and her work, stop everything you’re doing and go to her site. She has an interior style that is all her own and many of the images you pin on Pinterest are of her work.


First off, she started a clean desk. And with the exception of a few decorative pieces placed neatly on a tray, it remains uncluttered, leaving ample space for writing or placing a laptop.


I think knowing the needs of your workspace before you design it is key in creating an office that functions for you. For example, one of the design details that can be seen in every home Amber designs is her signature use of global textiles. Accordingly, she designated one corner of her office as a place to store loose fabrics, textiles and pillows.


Man, she even knows how to make tack boards look good. Whether you’re in the creative field or not, tack boards are a great way to post reminders, calendars and other things that would otherwise clutter up your desk and contain them in one designated space.


And here, behind and away from her desk is an area to display art, plants and lighting- pieces that each set the mood of her office. This is a great area to put knickknacks that inspire or having meaning to you.


Extra seating is also key, especially if your work involves meeting with clients or coworkers. This chair sits in the unused corner of her office, ready to be pulled up if extra seating is needed.


So there you have it- an office that is functional and totally inspiring. How much more productive do you think you’d be if you worked in a space that inspired you?