Pinning Lately: 8 Unique Christmas Trees

Pinning Lately: 8 Unique Christmas Trees

Hi, friends! Did everyone have a good weekend? A better question might be, did anyone spend the weekend putting off decorating their Christmas tree? If the answer is yes, than shame on you (kidding). But you’re in luck- because I’ve rounded up 8 unique Christmas trees that just might inspire you to get a move on it!


1. I had to start out with this Asian-inspired Christmas Tree from Martha Stewart because… I’ve never seen anything like it, and it makes the chinoiserie-lover in me sing! How fabulous are those Chinese lantern ornaments?


2. This tonal guy sticks to the basics (literally): sticks, and bauble ornaments. I’m not sure how easy the tree would be to assemble, but it sure provides a great visual effect and is definitely a departure from the typical fir variety.


3. Talk about easy clean-up and storage! This canvas-print image of a Christmas tree is a great way to showcase your favorite (and maybe more delicate) ornaments, and it doubles as wall art, too!


4. You may not feel that this tree is any different from the average Christmas tree, but I beg to differ! The use of non-traditional decorative materials, such as the upholstery trim, paper, and yarn pom pom balls, make this tree different from the next.


5. Can you see it? The subtle ombre in this wintery wonderland-of-a-tree? The bauble ornaments are dark blue at the top of the tree and slowly fade to silver and white at the bottom. Such a simple idea that packs a lot of visual impact!.


6. Be still, my heart. If I could have a spirit tree, this would surely be mine! The colors, coupled with the abundance of pom pom balls and ojo de dias ornaments, make mine go pitter patter!


7. Here is another version of the ombre tree, except this time, the effect comes from the tree branches themselves. #monochromemagic


8. And lastly, we have this little guy. Sure, he might be half the size of the average Christmas tree, but I guarantee you that he probably lasts twice as long, due to staying in his own little pot. A small tree like this one would be a great way to showcase tiny ornaments that tend to get lost on average-size Christmas trees.

So, I want to hear from you- which tree was your favorite?!