The Dandy Liar

Hi guys.

My name is Aubrey.

I like to design -what, you ask? Anything and everything… spaces, outfits, furniture, parties, brands, decor.

And who is the dandy liar? That’s me. Maybe an alter-ego, but I think it’s more meaningless than that. It’s kind of a name I came up with for myself around 8 years ago when I graduated from college, and it just kind of stuck.

I have always put off blogging because, well, I don’t like writing. Okay, that’s an understatement- I detest writing. I remember my sophomore year of college, I stared at a blank word document for three days straight- so paralyzed out of fear to start writing my art history term paper that I never even started.

All this is to say- I have let this fear hold me back for too long. I will have a blog, dammit, and I will post mostly pictures and very little text about what inspires.

A little bit about me:

+ I just moved across the country – from Los Angeles, to Oklahoma. What was I thinking, right? More on that later.

+ I just bought my first home, and am about to start the designing process- something I have looked forward to since I was 13. We close in 12 days!

+ My degree is in fashion design. Fashion was my first passion.

+ I spent my first four years out of college as a trend forecaster for Fossil, where I focused mainly on color strategy and brand direction.

+ I also have this life-long love affair with vintage and antiques. This love for vintage, coupled with my insatiable hunger for designing and redesigning spaces, led me to my next gig at One Kings Lane in LA. There I worked on the vintage side of the business, curating daily sales and growing their brand strategy for the short-lived sister site, Hunter’s Alley.

+ After One Kings Lane closed their Los Angeles office, I worked at Forever 21’s corporate offices as an e-commerce merchandiser for jewelry and accessories.

+ I’m married to my best mate. He’s my adventurer, lover, and pushes me everyday.

+ I LOVE (and I do mean love) pom-pom balls.

Will you guys join me on this journey? It should be nothing be fun. If my blog ever fails to be fun for you or for me, then it is not serving it’s purpose.