Chair Round-Up (under $300): The Kitchen Table

Chair Round-Up (under $300): The Kitchen Table

So it’s official! We have moved in and just spent the first weekend in our new-to-us home. It feels good to finally be here after months of renovation (if you’re just joining me on the blog, you can catch up on my home reno here).


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Among other things we still need to buy (or find) for the house, a kitchen table is one of them. Adam and I have been holding on to a large credit at West Elm from our wedding 3 years ago, and I knew that this was a prime opportunity to use it. So we bought this guy in Walnut for our eat-in kitchen. It’s sleek, modern, and can seat up to eight people- I’m super pumped about it.

And now I’m on the lookout for dining room chairs. I’m not set on having a matching set, nor am I set on upholstered vs metal or wood. So, until I decide on one (or some), I thought I’d share with you my round-up of favorite dining room chairs (each under $300!).


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